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Big Daddy Baseball League

O F F I C I A L   S I T E   O F   T H E   B I G   D A D D Y   B A S E B A L L   L E A G U E


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zip-sm.gif (126 bytes) 2020 Disk 2020 disk (Final, 2020)
zip-sm.gif (126 bytes) 2020 Playoffs Disk 2020 playoffs disk (Updated 11/9, through DS).
zip-sm.gif (126 bytes) 2021 Preseason Disk 2021 preseason disk (Updated 11/18)
excelico-sm.gif (165 bytes) 2020 Projections Stats from the 2020 DMB Projection Disk.
excelico-sm.gif (165 bytes) 2019 MLB Stats 2019 MLB Stats, courtesy of Tony Chamra.
excelico-sm.gif (165 bytes) 2019 VORP 2019 VORP numbers.
zip-sm.gif (126 bytes) Chapter One boxes Chapter One box scores
zip-sm.gif (126 bytes) Chapter Two boxes Chapter Two box scores
zip-sm.gif (126 bytes) Chapter Three boxes Chapter Three box scores.
zip-sm.gif (126 bytes) Chapter Four boxes Chapter Four box scores
zip-sm.gif (126 bytes) Chapter Five boxes Chapter Five box scores.
zip-sm.gif (126 bytes) Chapter Six boxes Chapter Six box scores
zip-sm.gif (165 bytes) Custom Reports Custom reports used on the BDBL website. Copy all files to the dmb11\rptdes folder.
zip-sm.gif (126 bytes) BDBL Ballparks Customized BDBL ballparks.  Just add these to your DMB8\parks folder. Updated 1/25/2020.
excelico-sm.gif (165 bytes) Contracts Worksheet This Excel spreadsheet will help you determine the contracts you can or cannot afford in the coming years. Updated 12/7/99 and saved in Excel 5.0 format.
excelico-sm.gif (165 bytes) Usage Tracker This Excel spreadsheet helps you keep track of your player usage and suggests totals for each chapter.  Updated 11/25/19 by Lee Scholtz!