• League Office: Suspended the following players for the Division Series due to overuse: David Cone, Jimmy Key, Armando Reynoso, Scott Brosius, Marquis Grissom, Jason Maxwell, Eric Young, Carlos Hernandez and Otis Nixon (Litchfield), Mike DiFelice (Stamford), Mike Redmond and Justin Baughmann (Los Altos), Greg Keagle, Chad Ogea and Jeff Reed (Massillon), Mark Delassandro (Southern Cal), Ray Lankford (Oakville).
    • California: Fined $500,000 for excessive use of Doug Henry.
    • Delafield: Fined $500,000 for excessive use of Armando Rios.
    • Gillette: Fined $1,000,000 for excessive use of Billy Ashley and Angel Echevarria.
    • Litchfield: Paid a $1,000,000 penalty to keep Hideki Irabu and Arthur Rhodes for the Division Series. Fined $500,000 for excessive use of Jason Maxwell.
    • Madison: Fined $2,000,000 for excessive use of Mark Johnson, Kevin Millar, Gary Sheffield and Brooke Fordyce.
    • Marlboro: Fined $1.5 million for excessive use of Wil Guerrero, Jeff Brantley and Chad Krueter.
    • Massillon: Paid a $500,000 penalty to keep Mariano Rivera for the Division Series. Fined $500,000 for excessive use of Chad Ogea.
    • Morgan Hill: Fined $1,000,000 for excessive use of John Frascatore and Danny Graves.
    • New Milford: Fined $1,000,000 for excessive use of Alex Arias and Carlos Castillo.
    • North Mankato: Fined $500,000 for excessive use of Frank Catalonatto.
    • Oakville: Fined $500,000 for excessive use of Bill Hasselman.
    • Southern Cal: Fined $500,000 for excessive use of Mark Delasandro.
    • Stamford: Paid a $1,000,000 fee to keep Kevin Brown and Rolando Arrojo for the Division Series.
    • Virginia: Fined $1,000,000 for excessive use of Mike Holtz and J.D. Drew.

Chapter Six:

    • League Office: Fined Litchfield $600,000 for failing to turn in game results on time. Fined Morgan Hill $600,000 for failing to turn in game results on time. Fined North Mankato $500,000 for using a suspended player (Catalanatto). Suspended Mark Delasandro (SoCal) and Chad Krueter (Mar) for the season.
    • Akron Ryche: Acquired Chin-Feng Chen as farm free agent. Acquired Rick Gorecki as free agent. Released Terrance Long and Felix Rodriguez.
    • Bowling Green Spoilers: Acquired Eric Gagne as farm free agent. Released John Sneed.
    • Chicago Black Sox: Acquired Josh Hamilton as farm free agent. Acquired Ken Cloude, Rich Butler, Norberto Martin and Danny Darwin as free agents. Released Jeff Ball, Jim Bruske, Eric Ludwick, Onan Masaoka and Jack McDowell.
    • Delafield Ogres: Acquired Ryan Rupe and Armando Almanza as farm free agents. Acquired Craig Paquette, Norm Charlton and Jose Nieves as free agents. Released Dante Powell, Miqual Cabrera, Henry Blanco, Carlos Almanzar and Jim Poole.
    • Los Altos Undertakers: Acquired Jerry Hairston, Doug Mirabelli, Brian Hunter as free agents. Acquired Hanley Frias as farm free agent. Released Jeremi Gonzalez, Dennis Martinez, Brian Rekar and Scott Sanders.
    • Madison Fighting Mimes: Acquired Garrett Stephenson and Jeff Huson as free agents. Acquired Jimmy Anderson and Steve Schrenk as farm free agents. Released Ryan Minor, Dernell Stenson, Willie Otanez and Jose Santiago.
    • Plattsburgh Champs: Acquired Bob Wells and George Lombard as free agents. Acquired Wilton Veras and Mark Texeria as farm free agents. Released Chad Fox, McKay Christensen, Mike Matheny and Paul Sorrento.

Chapter Five:

    • League Office: Suspended for the season Frank Catalanotto (NMM), Mike Williams (NMM), Yorkis Perez (NMM), Carlos Castillo (NMB), Lenny Webster (GIL), Jeff Reed (MAS) and Chad Ogea (MAS) due to overuse. Fined Massillon $500,000 for excessive use of Reed.
    • Akron Ryche: Traded Ron Coomer and Miguel Batista to South Carolina for Homer Bush. Traded Eric Davis and Ricky Bottalico to Stamford for Darin Erstad. Acquired Felix Rodriguez, Dan Naulty and Willie Blair as free agents. Acquired Terrance Long as farm free agent. Released Tom Pagnozzi and George Lombard.
    • Antioch Angels: Traded Jason Grilli, Charlie Hayes and #15 pick to Marlboro for John Jaha and Jeff King. Acquired Joe Nathan as farm free agent. Released Orber Moreno and Jon Nunnally.
    • Bourbannais Bad Boys: Traded #16 pick to Chicago for Ricky Gutierrez and Chicago's #18 pick.
    • Bowling Green Spoilers: Acquired Jeff Austin, Jason LaRue and Ryan Mills as farm free agents. Released Brody Percell, Shea Hillenbrand and Jay Gibbons.
    • Chicago Black Sox: Traded Darin Erstad and #16 pick to Stamford for Blazer's #2 pick. Traded Ricky Gutierrez and #18 pick to Bourbannais for Bourbannais' #16 pick. Acquired Onan Masaoka as farm free agent. Acquired Al Levine and Jeff Ball (Commissioner-appointed) as free agents. Released Jason Marquis.
    • Delafield Ogres: Acquired Eric Owens and Carlos Almanzar as free agents. Acquired Henry Blanco and Miqual Cabrera as farm free agents. Released Abraham Nunez, J.M. Gold, Jeff Wallace and Rich Loiselle.
    • Litchfield Lightning: Acquired Erubiel Durazo, Adam Piatt and T.J. Tucker as free agents. Released Tim Raines, Jr. and Gary Mathews.
    • Los Altos Undertakers: Traded Bob Wickman and #16 pick to Madison for Ramon Martinez. Traded Chad Hermanson and Craig Counsell to Morgan Hill for Mike Lansing. Traded Brad Fullmer, Richie Sexson and #6 and #7 picks to North Mankato for Mo Vaughn and North Mankato's #25 pick. Acquired Scott Sanders, Jeff Barry, Bobby Witt and Jose Cabrera as free agents. Released Mark Parent and Mitch Meluskey.
    • Madison Mimes: Traded Ramon Martinez to Los Altos for Bob Wickman and Los Altos' #16 pick. Traded Jim Mecir to Plattsburgh for Mark Johnson and Plattsburgh's #10 pick. Acquired Joe Mays as farm free agent. Acquired Mike Munoz and Brad Clontz as free agents. Released Choo Freeman, Jayson Werth and Mike Simms.
    • Marlboro Hammerheads: Traded Alan Mills to Salem for Matt LeCroy and Salem's #3 pick. Traded Ramiro Mendoza and Luis Alicea to Stamford for Blazer's #6 pick. Traded John Jaha and Jeff King for Jason Grilli, Charlie Hayes and #15 pick. Acquired Kurt Abbott and Jeff Brantley as free agents. Commissioner-appointed moves: Release Joe Crede and Darnell McDonald; acquire Jason Bates and Danny Bautista.
    • Massillon Tigerstrikes: Acquired Torii Hunter as free agent. Released Scott Eyre.
    • Morgan Hill Panthers: Traded Mike Lansing to Los Altos for Chad Hermanson and Craig Counsell. Traded Travis Fryman and #16 pick to Southern Cal for Seth Greisinger, Manny Alexander and Southern Cal's #6 pick. Released Geno Chiramonte and Rafael Medina (Commish-appointed).
    • North Mankato Mudhens: Traded Mo Vaughn and #25 pick to Los Altos for Brad Fullmer, Richie Sexson and Los Altos' #6 and #7 picks. Acquired Tim Hudson as farm free agent. Release Chris Fussell (C.A.)
    • Oakville Marauders: Traded Pokey Reese, Ed Sprague, Adam Kennedy and #2 and #6 picks to Virginia for Ray Lankford, Todd Walker and John Franco.
    • Plattsburgh Champs: Traded Mark Johnson and #10 pick to Madison for Jim Mecir. Traded #8 pick to Virginia for Mike Stanley. Acquired Mike Judd and Chad Harville as farm free agents. Released Mel Rojas, Mark Wohlers and Luis Rivera.
    • Salem Cowtippers: Traded Matt LeCroy and #3 pick to Marlboro for Alan Mills. Traded Sean Lowe to South Carolina Sea Cats for Graeme Lloyd. Acquired Sean Burroughs and Hee Seep Choi as farm free agents. Acquired Terrell Lowery and Roberto Ramirez as free agents. Released Ryan Rupe, Matt Whisenant, Scott Aldred and Terry Jones.
    • South Carolina Sea Cats: Traded Homer Bush to Akron for Ron Coomer and Miguel Batista. Traded Graeme Lloyd to Salem for Sean Lowe. Released Jim Stoops.
    • Southern California Slyme: Traded Seth Greisinger, Manny Alexander and #6 pick to Morgan Hill for Travis Fryman and #16 pick. Acquired Mark Daleasandro as free agent.
    • Stamford Zoots: Traded Blazer's #2 pick to Chicago for Darin Erstad and #16 pick. Traded Erstad to Akron for Eric Davis and Ricky Bottalico. Traded Blazer's #6 pick to Marlboro for Ramiro Mendoza and Luis Alicea. Acquired Kip Wells as farm free agent. Released Wade Miller, Jason Bere, Emil Brown, Ben Ford (C.A.) and Billy Ripken (C.A.).
    • Virginia Cavaliers: Traded Ray Lankford, Todd Walker and John Franco to Oakville for Pokey Reese, Ed Sprague, Adam Kennedy and Oakville's #2 and #6 picks. Traded Mike Stanley to Plattsburgh for Plattsburgh's #8 pick. Acquired Chris Singleton as farm free agent. Acquired Pat Borders and Trey Beamon (C.A.) as free agents. Releasd Cole Liniak and John Curtice.

Chapter Four:

    • League Office: Suspended Mike Sweeney (North Mankato), J.D. Drew (Virginia) and Jay Payton (Virginia) due to over-use. Fined Virginia $500,000 for excessive use of Payton. Fined Marlboro and Ft. Lauderdale $500,000 each for failing to meet the pitching rotation deadline.
    • Akron Ryche: Traded sixth-round pick to Chicago for Jeff Tabaka and eighth-round pick. Acquired Scott Sauerbeck as farm free agent. Released Van Buren and Kurt Abbott.
    • Antioch Angels: Traded 10th round pick to Madison for Charlie Hayes. Released Mark Wilkins.
    • California Storm: Traded Roger Cedeno to Salem Cowtippers for Donovan Osbourne. Traded Richard Hidalgo and Rick Ankiel to Chicago for Moises Alou, Juan Guzman, Joey Hamilton and Antonio Osuna. Release Brian Barber and Willie Blair.
    • Chicago Black Sox: Traded Ismael Valdes and 3rd round pick to Los Altos for Michael Barrett and 2nd round pick. Traded Tim Salmon to Salem for Roger Cedeno. Traded Moises Alou, Joey Hamilton, Juan Guzman and Antonio Osuna to California for Richard Hidalgo and Rick Ankiel. Traded Jeff Tabaka and eighth-round pick to Akron for sixth-round pick. Acquired Todd Ritchie, Jason Dickson, Jack McDowell and Clint Sodowski as free agents. Released Robert Machado and Drew Henson. (Note to John: don't forget to trade McGlinchy to your team from Bourbannais and release Ludwick before you change your MP for this chapter.)
    • Delafield Ogres: Traded Rickey Henderson and Chad Hutchinson to Virginia for Rusty Greer. Traded Greg Vaughn, Carlos Perez, Albie Lopez, Paul LoDuca and Jim Corsi to Southern Cal for Geoff Jenkins, Rich Loiselle, Chris Peters, Jose Paniagua, Luis Ordaz and SoCal's fifth-round pick. Acquired Jeff Wallace and Aaron Venafro as farm free agents. Acquired Wilson Delgado, Jim Poole and Rigo Beltran as free agents. Released Ryan Mills, Jeff Brantley, Jim Abbott and Chris Latham.
    • Los Altos Undertakers: Acquired Terry Shumpert and Mark Parent as free agents. Released Torii Hunter and Luis Sojo.
    • Madison Fighting Mimes: Traded Charlie Hayes to Antioch for 10th round pick. Acquired Ryan Dempster and Kevin Millar as free agents. Released Ramon E. Martinez.
    • Marlboro Hammerheads: Acquired Chris Brock and Ron Villone as free agents. Released Bobby Witt and Scott Spiezio.
    • Plattsburgh Champs: (Note to Tim: don't forget to pick up Simon and release Powell before you turn in your MP for the chapter.)
    • Salem Cowtippers: Traded Ray Lankford to Virginia Cavaliers for Chad Curtis. Traded Donovan Osbourne to California Storm for Roger Cedeno. Traded Roger Cedeno to Chicago for Tim Salmon. Acquired Ryan Rupe and Matt LeCroy as farm free agents. Acquired Sean Lowe as free agent. Released Sean Burroughs, Jeff Austin and Cliff Politte.
    • South Carolina Sea Cats: Traded Tom Glavine and 7th round pick to Southern Cal for Jeremy Giambi and 2nd round pick. Acquired Dennis Springer as free agent and Bruce Aven as farm free agent. Released Shannon Withem and Jason LaRue.
    • Southern California Slyme: Traded Jeremi Giambi and 2nd round pick to South Carolina for Tom Glavine and 7th round pick. Traded Geoff Jenkins, Rich Loiselle, Chris Peters, Jose Paniagua, Luis Ordaz and number five pick to Delafield for Greg Vaughn, Carlos Perez, Albie Lopz, Paul LoDuca and Jim Corsi. Acquired Ryan McGuire, Tony Graffanino and Larry Sutton as free agents. Released Paul LoDuca, Felix Rodriguez and Eric Weaver.
    • Stamford Zoots: Acquired Curtis Pride and Jack Howell as free agents. Acquired Byung-Hyun Kim as farm free agent. Released Mac Suzuki, Ken Cloude and Rick Elder.
    • Virginia Cavaliers: Traded Chad Curtis to Salem for Ray Lankford. Traded Rusty Greer to Delafield for Rickey Henderson and Chad Hutchinson. Acquired Brian Daubach, Will Cunnane and Scott Winchester as free agents. Released Brian Bevil, Bob Wolcott, Scott Sanders and Jay Payton.

Chapter Three:

    • Akron Ryche: Trade Rickey Henderson, Rick Reed and Vic Darensbourg to Delafield for Eric Davis and Scott Karl. Acquire Tom Pagnozzi and Denny Hocking as free agents. Release Ricardo Aramboles.
    • Bourbannais Bad Boys: Trade Dave Veres, Corey Patterson, Terrell Wade and Kimera Bartee to New Milford for Billy Wagner. Acquire Ruben Amaro and Benny Agbayani.
    • Chicago Black Sox: Acquire Kevin McGlinchy as free agent. Release Eric Ludwick.
    • Delafield Ogres: Trade Eric Davis and Scott Karl to Akron for Rickey Henderson, Rick Reed and Vic Darensbourg. Acquire Paul LoDuca as free agent. Release Tom Evans and Pat Borders.
    • Gillette Swamp Rats: Acquire Mike Oquist as free agent. Release Chris Brock.
    • Los Altos Undertakers: Acquire Scott Williamson, Shawon Dunston and Bobby Ayala as free agents. Release Mark Delasandro, Craig Shipley and Jason Regan.
    • Madison Fighting Mimes: Acquired Jason Johnson, Jose Santiago and Ramon Martinez (2B) as free agents. Released Sandy Martinez, Greg Cadaret and Wilson Delgado.
    • Marlboro Hammerheads: Purchase John Jaha, Chad Allen and Bobby Witt as free agents. Release Lou Frazier, Dan Reichert and Heathcliff Slocumb.
    • Massillon Tigerstrikes: Trade Randy Winn and C.C. Sabathia to Blazers for Dante Bichette.
    • Morgan Hill Panthers: Acquired Geno Chirmonte as free agent.
    • New Milford Blazers: Trade Randy Johnson, 2nd round and 6th round picks to Stamford for Jose Rosado, Darryl Ward and 2nd and 6th round picks. Trade Dante Bichette to Massillon for Randy Winn and C.C. Sabathia. Trade Rob Nen to Salem for Ben Davis, Robert Person and Eric Valent. Trade Billy Wagner to Bourbannais for Dave Veres, Kimera Bartee, Corey Patterson and Terrell Wade. Release Chris Jones, Jason Dickson, Willie Banks, Brian Barkley and Jesse Levis.
    • North Mankato Mudhens: Purchase Mike Zywica as free agent as assign to farm.
    • Plattsburgh Champs: Acquire McKay Christensen and Randall Simon as free agents. Release Frankie Rodriguez and Brian Powell.
    • Salem Cowtippers: Trade Ben Davis, Eric Valent and Robert Person to New Milford for Rob Nen. Trade Ryan Bradley, Butch Henry, Chad Curtis and draft picks number 1, 2, 7, 12 and 13 to Virginia for Ray Lankford and Todd Stottlemyre. Acquire Jeff Zimmerman, Johnny Roskos and Russ Johnson as free agents.
    • Stamford Zoots: Trade Jose Rosado, Darryl Ward, 2nd and 6th round picks to New Milford for Randy Johnson and 2nd and 6th round picks. Purchase Billy Ripken as free agent.
    • Virginia Cavaliers: Trade Ray Lankford and Todd Stottlemyre to Salem for Ryan Bradley, Butch Henry, Chad Curtis and 1st, 2nd, 7th, 12th and 13th round picks. Release Jay Witasick.

Chapter Two:

    • Antioch Angels: Signed Rob Ducey as a free agent. Released G.Chiramontes from the farm.
    • Chicago Black Sox: Released Todd Ritchie.
    • Gillette Swamp Rats: Signed free agent Kent Mercker. Released Steve Connelly.
    • Los Altos Undertakers: Released Curtis Pride. Signed Mark Dalesandro as a free agent.
    • Madison Fighting Mimes: Released Rich Butler and Cesar Crespo. Signed Willie Otanez and Choo Freeman as a free agents.
    • Plattsburgh Champs: Reassigned Mike Tyson (VP in charge of anger management) and Evander Holyfield (VP in charge of marital fidelity) within the organization. Signed free agents Brian Powell and Frankie Rodriguez.
    • Salem Cowtippers: Signed Billy Swift as a free agent. Released Cecil Fielder.
    • Virginia Cavaliers: Signed Terry Pendleton as a free agent and assigned him to the active roster.

Chapter One:

    • Gillette Swamp Rats: Released Pat Watkins, purchased Billy Ashley as free agent.
    • Chicago Black Sox: Purchased Eric Ludwick and Todd Ritchie as free agents.