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Big Daddy Baseball League

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June 5, 2004

BDBL Weekend South: Atlanta

Story by Gene Patterson

ATLANTA, GA -- What a great day for some baseball with a few friends.

Tony and Tony meet up with me just about as planned and we headed into the stadium on what was a gorgeous day in Atlanta. Temp. was in the low 80's, partly cloudy; we had seats DIRECTLY behind home plate in the upper section and we were covered the entire game by the overhang so we didn't get toasted in the sunny at all, little breeze blowing through every now and then - just great weather.

This was Tony C.'s first trip to Turner Field so we took a quick little tour before heading to our seats.

Tony D. was quick to point out that one of the three of us NEEDED to figure out a way to put together a winning record.

Before the game even started we instantly realized Jeff Paulson was going to be terribly upset. The pre-game activities included a Tee-Ball exhibition by some of the local future talent. Man, that little guy from Newnan, Ga could really 'rake.' I'm not saying his name because we all agreed to keep his identity from Jeff.

Before the first pitch we started figuring out who had which players in the game. I think Tony C. had the most with Rollins, Estrade, and Byrd. Rollins quickly showed his exceptional lead-off abilities by prompting swing at the first pitch of the game for a routine ground out. That would be the only out recorded until Tony's man Byrd come up and struck out looking. It was not all that surprising to any of us that Russ Ortiz allow 4 singles and 2 walks in the first inning. Too bad the only outs recorded that inning were by the pitcher and Villanova Mustang players.

Next thing we knew it was about the 3rd inning and not one single beer vendor had been sited. Tony D. was wondering if there was some sort of work stoppage going on. I set out to find out. I walked down the stairs and turned into the tunnel and there the damn vendor is. Standing there with is load of drinks sitting on the ground just stopping people as they head to the concession stand. "Want a beer?" he says. "Ah, yeah." and I'm thinking why aren't you walking your lazy a.. around selling your beer rather than standing here waiting for us to come looking for you? Ironically, when did we FINALLY see a beer vendor walking through the stand?.......AT LAST CALL!!!

Halfway through our first beer, we start discussing players/contracts and how hard it can be to decide on some guys. Tony D. mentions H.Blalock (alright, just the guy I want to trade for..... ) and procedes to explain how he might be the only guy he signs long term. DAMNIT!! Looks like I need to get more beer into this guy. (Any Tony D. a big guy, this could be an expensive negotiation. ).

No deal was ever made on Blalock, but Tony C. and I think we have figured out a way to help Tom win that Championship he was 'robbed' of last year. (Tom check your messages. )

The Braves try to rally late but fall short and loss 5-3 and we didn't even see any 'dingers.' Oh, and Tony C. learned that he is never to send Johnny Estrade 1nd-to-home on a double to center.

We made sure we voted for the All-Star game because you know 'this one counts ' - Mike, all three of us voted Kearns in.

The BDBL South crew
From left to right: Patterson, Chamra and DeCastro.

Afterwards we headed to an Irish Pub in the Underground Atlanta area for some drinks, food, and to watch Smarty Jones try to win the Triple Crown. I still swear Tony C. had money on that race. Tony D. was happy because they had Guiness. We sat, ate, watched the news about Ronald Reagan and the Smarty Jones upset and had a good time.

Soon it was nearly 7:00. It was 2 hours back to Greenville (not counting the MARTA ride to the cars) and then another 2 hours for Tony C. from there so we decided it was time to call it a day.

A great time was had. We talked lot about the BDBL - Tony D. and I think Mike is the favorite, Tony C. doesn't think so - players, contracts, rules, etc. Anyone at the Braves game who overheard us talking probably thought we were nuts, talking about players like we owned them.

Tony's, I really enjoyed meeting you guys and had a great time. Glad you could drive down, and I think we need to get together like that every year (maybe next yeare Steve can make it).

Oh, and sorry, no pictures from the stripe clubs....BUT, Tony and Tony did have there picture on the "kiss cam" on the jumbotron!!!!