2006: The Year in Pictures

The Blazers traded franchise player Danny Haren
for one-year-rental Chris Carpenter, hoping that
he would lead them to a BDBL championship.
Close, but not quite.

New Milford's signing of free agent Roger Clemens to a
$19 million salary broke the record for a starting pitcher
(and a 43-year-old.)

The Badgers' impressive 2004 showing allowed them
the #1 pick in the draft, which they used to sign
Barry Bonds.  Bonds became the first player signed
in the first round of the draft since the introduction
of the free agent auction.
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Jim Doyle spent a record amount of money in the
free agent auction ($18 million) on his double play
combo.  That combo led the Irish Rebels to a 71-89 record.

Randy Johnson won five BDBL Cy Young awards, and
won five BDBL championships during his prestigious
career.  The Cowtippers hoped some of that magic
would rub off on them.

...but instead, Johnson was traded to the Las Vegas
Flamigos just one chapter into the season.

Chicago Black Sox GM John Gill assembled a legendary
one-two punch by trading for both Manny Ramirez
and Derrek Lee in the winter of '06.  But six weeks into
the season, he would begin waving the white flag.

The Sylmar bullpen of Francisco Rodriguez,
Mariano Rivera and Bobby Howry was ranked
among the best in BDBL history.  Unfortunately
for Sylmar, none of those guys could hit.

The Cowtippers loaded up on pitching in the auction,
with the intent to sell it off in a grand rebuilding effort.
Kevin Millwood was signed as a free agent, at a
salary of $10.5 million...

...and shortly thereafter he was traded to the
Sea Cats in exchange for prospects.

South Carolina slugger Andruw Jones hit 61 homers
in 2006, and drove home a league-best 166 runs.
But he hit just .245 on the season, with an OBP of
just .305.

Southern Cal's Victor Martinez carried a .400 batting
average into the final chapter of the season.  He hit
.450 in the first half of the season, but settled down
after that and finished at "just" .383, with a .448 OBP
and .610 slugging percentage.

The seventh annual BDBL Weekend was held
in Chicago, with nine members attending.
The Blazers continued to strip their franchise in their
desperate pursuit of a trophy.  Franchise player
Jason Bay was traded in exchange for high-salaried
headaches Ken Griffey, Jr. and Bartolo Colon.

The Cowtippers acquired Derek Jeter in mid-season
in a desperate attempt to finish above .500.  It
didn't work.  They would finish at just 71-89.

After years of back-and-forth waffling, Ben Sheets
and Manny Ramirez landed back on the Marlboro
roster -- again.

After a stunning 16-12 record in Chapter One,
the Allentown Ridgebacks won the Johan Santana
Sweepstakes prior to Chapter Two.

...and shortly thereafter, they traded him to Marlboro.

The Sylmar Padawans did everything they could to
repeat as division champions, including the acquisition
of Derrek Lee.  They accomplished their goal by
coming from nine games out of first at the all-star break
to win their second consecutive division title.  But
they then lost four straight to the Corona Confederates
in the Division Series.

Needing just two wins in four games in the final series
of the season, against the worst team in the Ozzie League,
the Los Altos Undertakers instead lost three of four,
giving the Sylmar Padawans the division title.

Pitching in his final season with the Akron Ryche in the
final year of an eight-year contract, Pedro Martinez
carried his team to another division title.  But the
Ryche would lose the Division Series to the South Carolina
Slyme, ending Martinez's Akron career without an
Eck League title.
The Villanova Mustangs won the Eck League title on
a slow roller to the shortstop.

OLCS MVP David Eckstein celebrated New Milford's
Ozzie League championship.
...and World Series MVP Jim Edmonds celebrated
Villanova's BDBL championship.

...so did Mariano Rivera.
...and Mark Buehrle.

...and Mike Glander.