2007: The Year in Pictures

The Cowtippers kicked off the 2007 season by
announcing seven trades, which included
the seven players above: B.J. Ryan, Scott Rolen,
Jeremy Bonderman, Brandon Webb, Orlando Hudson,
Connor Jackson and Mike Cameron.

Ravenswood GM Brian Potrafka won the Roy
Halladay Sweepstakes with his bid of Brandon
Phillips and Cesar Carillo.

The Wapakoneta Hippos were giddy about adding
Vlad Guerrero to a powerful lineup that included
Albert Pujols  Unfortunately, it was Pujols who
didn't get the job done in '07.
clearpix.gif (43 bytes)
Los Altos GM Jeff Paulson welcomed Michael
Young to the team

Corona Confederates GM Ed McGowan got Joe
Mauer to sign on the dotted line for a 10-year
deal on Cutdown Day.

And just days later, McGowan welcomed Johan
Santana to the team after signing him to a
record $21 million salary.

Santana was happy to be a Confederate.

Later that week, Chris Carpenter became the second
member of the $20 million club from the draft
class of 2007.

Prior to the auction, the SoCal Slyme agreed to take
Roger Clemens and his $19 million salary off of New
Milford's hands.  Oddly enough, he wouldn't throw a single
pitch for the Slyme in 2007.

C.C. Sabathia inexplicably became the third member of
the Class of 2007 $20 million club, thanks to a
clueless Jim Doyle.

With the #1 overall pick of the 2007 farm draft,
Scott Romonosky welcomed Kei Igawa.
Unfortunately for the Sphinx, that didn't work out
too well.

Prior to the auction, Chicago GM John Gill applauded
the acquisition of former Salem Cowtipper-for-life
Mark Teixeira.

Before the draft ended, Tony Badger had already
made the trade that would ensure his OL championship.
Later that same week, Badger added yet another
piece of his championship puzzle, courtesy of
Ken "The Shark" Kaminski.

By the all-star break, Chris Luhning managed to trade
for not only Clemens, but Santana as well.

Chicago added some firepower as well in Roy Oswalt,
Scot Shields and Andruw Jones.  But in the end,
it wasn't enough.

After five hours of intense negotiations, the Cowtippers
added Miguel Cabrera at the final trading deadline
(along with Juan Rivera and Nick Johnson.)

Badger continued to add to his arsenal by picking up
John Lackey from the Bear Country Jamboree.

Tony Chamra "went for it" by adding a potential $20
million in 2008 salary in Pedro Martinez and Jason
Schmidt.  Fortunately for Chamra, he won't have
to pay either of them in '08.

Curt Schilling helped the Rocks reach the playoffs
for the first time in franchise history.

The BDBL Weekend crew enjoyed some free beers
during the Budweiser tour.  (Note Doyle's fruity
girly beer.)
Bob Sylvester just couldn't lose
in 2007 despite his best efforts.

The 2007 BDBL Weekend crew.
David Ortiz nearly single-handedly carried the Badgers
to the post-season with a BDBL record 79 home runs
and 205 RBI.

Later, Ortiz celebrated an Ozzie League championship.
Chris Carpenter celebrates clinching another division
title for the Undertakers, along with one of the Los
Altos farm players.  (That joke never gets old.)

Carlos Beltran and David Wright of The Kansas Law
Dogs celebrate their Eck League championship title.
Cleveland Rocks Jim Thome, Curt Schilling and Kenny
Rogers celebrate their division title.

Jonathan Papelbon (with Chris Luhning in the background)
celebrates the ultimate in BDBL achievement.