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March, 2009
by "Biggest Daddy"

Interview with Scott Romonosky,
Great Lakes Sphinx

BIGGEST DADDY: Thank you for sitting down with us for another installment of "BDBL:  A retrospective".   Generally speaking, how do you feel about the BDBL?

SCOTT ROMONOSKY: I love it.  It's a great escape from the real world.  Just a bunch of guys hanging out talking about baseball, life and global warming.

BD: How have you felt about the overall success of your franchise at this point?

SR: Well, I'm the only franchise that hasn't made the playoffs in the history of the BDBL.  Take a wild guess.  

BD: What is your favorite aspect of the BDBL?

SR: The trade discussions.  I love to wheel-n-deal.

BD: Tell us the absolute low point of your franchise, whether it was a particular game lost, or a particular trade ripped to shreds, or a particular fellow GM that ticked you off.

SR: It's a tie - 2002, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 and 08.  But 2009 is a new beginning!  Maybe that will be our marketing slogan this season.

BD: Over the course of your time in the BDBL, who is the one GM that you consider your largest rival or target?

SR: I don't really have one.  It's hard to develop a rivalry when you're getting your ass kicked every year.

BD: Name a GM that you absolutely love to talk trade with.

SR: Chris.  He always makes fair offers and we usually come to a quick agreement.

BD: How did you first hear of the BDBL?

SR: The league forum on the DMB website.

BD: What would it take for you to exit the league?

SR: If Glander quit.  Nobody could run the league as well as he does. 

BD: What is your favorite BDBL memory?

SR: When Steve and Glander played their April fool's prank a few years ago.  They got in this big blow-up on the bulletin board and Steve supposedly booked a hotel room for BDBL weekend so he could kick Glander's ass.  I actually bought into it I'm ashamed to admit.

BD: What is your best trade ever?  And your worst?

SR: Best was probably last year when I got Ryan Doumit from Greg for Eric Byrnes and Miguel Montero.  My worst also came last season when I traded traded Boof Bonser, Lastings Milledge, Sean Gallagher and Alexei Ramirez to Tony D for Gil Meche.  I thought Meche was the missing piece to put me over the top and finally make it into the playoffs.  Oops.

BD: Other than Glander, what GM would you absolutely hate to see leave the BDBL?

SR: Tom.  Every league needs an Evil Empire to despise.

BD: Who is the craziest character in the BDBL?

SR: Skizm hands down.  His rants on the bulletin board are classic.

BD: If your franchise had a Team Hall of Fame, which players would be members?

SR: Justin Morneau.  That's probably about it.

BD: Tell us which MLB team that you feel like your BDBL franchise is the most like.

SR: Tampa Bay pre-2008.

BD: You've taken some lumps on the board regarding some trades made.  Warranted?

SR:  Nah, just sour grapes they weren't able to get their hands on the next Pedro Martinez when Bobby made him available.

BD: How has your overall team-building philosophy changed over the years?

SR: Team building philosophy?  Hmmmm, maybe I should get one of those.

BD: What has been the most significant change in the BDBL?

SR: The Auction Draft.

BD: Name your favorite "off-the-field" moment from BDBL Weekend or the league forum.

SR: BDBL Weekend 2006.  It's the only one I've been to so far.  I had a blast and it was nice to finally meet some of the guys in person.  

BD: What is it going to take to get your squad out of bottom half of the division?

SR: Do you believe in miracles?  Yesssss!!!!

BD: How's life in the mid-west treating you?   Your daughters into baseball yet?

SR: Great.  I love Chicago, even though it's damn cold out right now.  I can't wait for opening day at Wrigley.  10 weeks and counting.  My twin girls are only 18 months so no interest in baseball just yet.  But rest assured their daddy will indoctrinate them into Cub fandom as soon as they get a little older.  I know that can be considered a form of child abuse but if I have to suffer so do they!

BD: Thanks, Scott!