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Big Daddy Baseball League

O F F I C I A L   S I T E   O F   T H E   B I G   D A D D Y   B A S E B A L L   L E A G U E


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2007 BDBL Champions
2001, 2007, 2017 Eck League Champions
2001, 2003, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2015, 2016
 Higuera Division Champions
2012, 2013, 2017 EL Wild Card Winners



Name: Chris Luhning
Home Town: Kansas City, MO
Age: 49
Birthday: August 5th
Family: Married (at Royals Stadium)
Occupation: Poker Room Manager / Casino Operations Scheduler - Harrah's Casino, Kansas City
Brush with fame: Dealt craps to Derrick Thomas, Dan Marino, Jerry Rice, Bruce Smith, Chester McClockten, Thurman Thomas and a few other NFL greats.
Anecdote: "A buddy of mine was supervising a craps game with about six Bluejays playing. One was Alex Gonzalez. I had Alex on my fantasy baseball team. The supervisor told Alex that I was disappointed in his play so far this year. Alex came up, introduced himself and said he'd try and play better for me.  All I could manage to say was, "Ahhh, your doing ok.". A very embarrassing moment.

I'll give you one more. Bryan Rekar, pitcher for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays was in this summer. I was supervising the high limit blackjack section when I picked up his players card (used by the casino for comps). I recognized the name (since he's on my team) and told him he had pitched a hell of a game tonight. He had pitched a complete game 3 hitter, just giving up a homerun in the ninth. I bullshitted with him for a few hours.  I found out that he and a group of the Devil Rays play fantasy baseball and football. I told him I had him on my DMB team. He didn't know what DMB was, but said it sounded pretty cool. Anyway, I gave him my business card with my email address on it and told him to email me sometime. He never has...but I'm still waiting."
Favorite team: Kansas City Royals
Fantasy baseball experience: Simulated baseball (S-O-M, ABPA, Status Pro) since 1980. Member of ISBL, BIBL.
BDBL member since: 11/2/99


Year Owner Team Name Record
1999 Chuck Schaeffer / Dave Presser Morgan Hill Panthers 77-83 (3rd)
2000 Chris Luhning Kansas Law Dogs 83-77 (3rd)
2001     105-55 (1st)
2002     82-78 (3rd)
2003     101-59 (1st)
2004     80-80 (2nd)
2005     76-84 (2nd)
2006     65-95 (3rd)
2007     94-66 (1st)
2008     96-64 (2nd)
2009     99-61 (1st)
2010     62-98 (4th)
2011     105-55 (1st)
2012     106-54 (2nd)*
2013     95-65 (2nd)*
2014     81-79 (3rd)
2015     93-67 (1st)
2016     115-45 (1st)
2017     91-69 (2nd)*
2018     77-83 (4th)


General Manager: George Brett
Manager: Robin Yount
Pitching Coach: Gaylord Perry
Hitting Coach: Rod Carew
First Base Coach: Amos Otis
Third Base Coach: Frank White
Bench Coach: Whitey Herzog
Radio Play-by-play: Kevin Harlan
Radio Color: Fred White


Year Rank #1 Pick #1 Prospect
1999   Alex Escobar  
2000 4 Mike Lamb Rick Ankiel (1)
2001 11 Mike MacDougal Antonio Perez (14)
2002 16 John Ford Griffin Angel Berroa (25)
2003 11 Jose Lopez Scott Hairston (26)
2004 4 Dan Meyer Greg Miller (12)
2005 5 Anthony Reyes Dan Meyer (22)
2006 4 Eric Campbell Brandon Wood (3)
2007 4 Koji Uehara Brandon Wood (5)
2008 9 James McDonald Andy LaRoche (18)
2009 23 Jacob Turner James McDonald (64)
2010 22 Zack Cox Mike Moustakas (51)
2011 4 Nick Franklin Mike Moustakas (8)
2012 4 Cody Buckel Dylan Bundy (10)
2013 7 Kyle Smith Dylan Bundy (2)
2014 10 Chris Taylor Dylan Bundy (17)
2015 18 Yoan Lopez Dylan Bundy (22)
2016 19 Mark Vientos Reese McGuire (73)
2017 6 Garrett Mitchell Cody Bellinger (11)
2018 12 Osiel Rodriguez Royce Lewis (25)