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Big Daddy Baseball League

O F F I C I A L   S I T E   O F   T H E   B I G   D A D D Y   B A S E B A L L   L E A G U E


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Updated 12/19


12/18 Flagstaff traded Bryan Shaw to Chicago for Kevin Plawecki.

12/17 Flagstaff traded Matt Albers and Dominic Leone to Cleveland for Jonathan Villar and Clint Frazier.

12/15 Kansas traded Justin Smoak, Joakim Soria, and Leury Garcia to Bear Country for Carlos Gonzalez, Ryan Zimmerman, and Jared Hughes.

12/14 South Loop traded Nicky Delmonico, Leury Garcia, and Luis Garcia to Kansas for Gio Gonzalez and Junior Guerra.

12/13 Cleveland traded Alex Claudio, Anthony Swarzak, and Brett Anderson to Myrtle Beach for Michael Taylor.

12/8 Cleveland traded Brad Ziegler to Ravenswood for Brandon Belt.

12/7 Cleveland traded Niko Goodrum to Ravenswood for Clarke Schmidt and David Fletcher.
12/7 Cleveland traded Jake Bauers, Martin Maldonado, and Blake Rutherford to Charlotte for Jaime Barria, Dan Winkler, and Anthony Swarzak.

12/6 Cleveland traded Yonder Alonso, Edwin Jackson, Aledmys Diaz, and Luke Maile to Southern Cal for A.J. Ramos.
Cleveland traded Zach Britton and Tommy Pham to St. Louis for Yonder Alonso, Joe Jimenez, and Micker Adolfo.
Cleveland traded Max Kepler to Kansas City for Martin Maldonado, Alex Claudio, and Heath Quinn.
Chicago traded Freddie Freeman, Ender Inciarte, and Jesse Chavez to Joplin for Jed Lowrie and Charlie Blackmon.

12/5 Southern Cal traded Yadier Molina and Victor Alcantara to South Loop for A.J. Minter.
12/5 Ravenswood traded Jake Burger to Los Altos for Wilmer Flores.
Ravenswood traded Yoshi Hirano to Southern Cal for Cesar Hernandez and Brandon Workman.
Myrtle Beach traded Randy Arozarena to Charlotte for Will Harris.

12/4 Southern Cal traded D.J. Peters to Los Altos for Victor Alcantara, Adam Conley, and Nick Wittgren.
12/4 Chicago traded Adam Warren to Darien for Jorge Mateo.
12/4 Ravenswood traded Blake Rutherford to Cleveland for Ben Gamel.
12/4 Ravenswood traded Richard Bleier to Chicago for Tyler Austin.

12/3 Southern Cal traded Matt Olson and Michael Chavis to Darien for Sean Newcomb and Brandon Workman.
12/3 Flagstaff traded Travis Shaw to Myrtle Beach for Keibert Ruiz, Spencer Torkleson, and Darren O'Day.

12/2 Flagstaff traded Yunel Escobar to Saskatoon for Dominic Leone and Brandon Drury.

12/1 Charlotte traded Hunter Renfroe to Salem for Zach Eflin and Durbin Feltman.

11/29 Kansas traded Brian Johnson to Flagstaff for Manny Pina.
11/29 Flagstaff traded Pedro Baez to Ravenswood for Dylan Cozens.

11/27 Cleveland traded Steve Pearce to Los Altos for Ronald Guzman.
11/27 Bear Country traded Sam Dyson to Myrtle Beach for Gerardo Parra.
11/27 Chicago traded Jared Hughes, Kurt Suzuki, and Dylan Cease to Bear Country for Aroldis Chapman and Wilsson Contreras.

11/26 Myrtle Beach traded Jordan Montgomery to Mission Viejo for Jeremy Hellickson.
11/26 Kansas City traded Hunter Harvey to Ravenswood for Anthony Alford.

11/25 Southern Cal traded Jalen Beeks and Jackson Kowar to Salem for Raisel Iglesias and Colin Poche.

11/24 St. Louis traded Carlos Rodon and Frankie Montas to Bear Country for James Paxton.
11/24 Saskatoon traded Emilio Pagan to Myrtle Beach for Kendrys Morales.

11/23 Kansas traded Kurt Suzuki to Chicago for Salvador Perez and Tim Anderson.

11/22 Ravenswood traded Michael Kopech, Trevor Larnach, and Brad Miller to Flagstaff for Khris Davis and Kirby Yates.

11/21 Great Lakes traded Jasrado Chisholm, David Hernandez, and Kyle Barraclough to St. Louis for David Price, Jose Martinez, and Brian Dozier.
11/21 Akron traded Orlando Arcia to Bear Country for Jeurys Familia.
11/21 Flagstaff traded Collin McHugh to Los Altos for Calvin Mitchell.

11/20 Chicago traded Seth Lugo and Evan White to Los Altos for Dylan Cease.
Myrtle Beach traded Lucas Giolito and Alex Verdugo to Southern Cal for Nomar Mazara.
St. Louis traded Zach Cozart, Kevin Gausman, Kevin Kiermaier, Estevan Florial, and Luis Robert to Southern Cal for Adam Frazier, Yuliesky Gurriel, and Riley Pint.
Kansas City traded Zack Godley to Southern Cal for Jose Peraza.
Kansas City traded Robinson Cano and Wade Davis to Kansas for Yangervis Solarte and Hunter Strickland.
Myrtle Beach traded Mychal Givens and Jesse Winker to Akron for Zach Davies and Randall Grichuk.
Southern Cal traded Starling Marte to Akron for Dylan Bundy and Monte Harrison.
Salem traded Triston Casas and Bryson Stott to Flagstaff for Enrique Hernandez.
Salem traded Eugenio Suarez and Yoenis Cespedes to Southern Cal for Trevor Cahill.
Salem traded Jose Quintana to Akron for Matt Wallner.
Salem traded Gary Sanchez, Adam Cimber, and Max Kepler to Cleveland for Clay Buchholz, Christian Villanueva, and Danny Jansen.
11/20 Salem traded Yusei Kikuchi to Mission Viejo for Francisco Cervelli.